Generate kinship with your highest self.

Custom engraving, orgone, crystals, and gemstone jewelry handcrafted by Revreya.

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Crystals & Crystal Grids

4" Chakra Crystal Grid4" Chakra Crystal Grid
  • Sustainability

    We're is proud to source crystals from Wegner Crystal Mines, a family business that prioritizes sustainable practices such as watershed protection and reforestation. Fossil fuel derived epoxy resin? Not here! We use EcoPoxy, a bio-based resin made from renewable resources.

  • 5% of Profits Donated

    5% of annual profits are donated to local, Bay Area non-profits and environmental organizations vetted by Charity Navigator. 

  • Health and Safety

    Crystals are often mined in deadly conditions in the worlds poorest countries. It's a billion-dollar industry with little incentive to change. Hazardous working conditions can include child labor, landslides, fine dust exposures that cause lung cancer and silicosis, and more. Sourcing transparency is difficult, but we're committed to asking hard questions and to cutting questionable crystals from our supply chain.

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